Z’ahara Moinet Jai’elle Bianchi ( Born April 23, 1994) is a African American professional wrestler, Model, Singer and former professional dancer, Body Builder, and gymnast, currently signed LOP, NGCW, Exodus under the name Z'Ahara Bianchi.

Early Life

Z’Ahara was born in New York City, New York to father, retired professional wrestler Jahvid ( The Grand Master) Bianchi, and her mother women’s rights spokes women Anastasia Jayde. She made her modeling debut when she was 17, on the cover of model weekly. She would go on to model for different magazines and companies until she quit modeling at the age 18. She was also a  gymnast competing in many competitions and winning a lot of gold medals. But her addiction to competition was never sated so she decided to become a professional wrestler.

Professional Wrestling Career

After taking an interest in wrestling her father agreed to train her. After a couple weeks of training she started getting booked for small time wrestling gigs. After merely a year of training and wrestling she would find herself signing to major promotions.

League Of Pain/LOP

Zahara was granted a try-out at the LOP Performance Center. Within a month or so it was announced that she has been signed to LOP Performance Center for training. On an episode of Warzone she made her debut along side Lauryn Woodward against The also debuting Jayda Storm, in a losing effort. After the match Z’Ahara and Lauryn attacked Jayda with a chair, establishing herself as a heel, And aligning herself with the Pretty Girls. At the PPV Survival Vendetta, it was Pretty Girls vs Maddy Manhattan, Zyana Fury, and Guest partner Jayda Storm.

In Wrestling

Finishing Moves

  • Bian-Kick ( Axe Kick 2018 - Present)
  • Muta Lock/Ponytail Clutch ( Muta Lock)
  • Poetic Justice ( Achilles Lock, 2017-2017)
  • One Of A Kind ( Wheelbarrow Facebuster 2016 - 2017)

Signature Moves

  • Bianchi Splash ( Handspring Moonsault followed by Taunting Moonsault)
  • Facial Deconstruction ( Kneeling Facebuster)
  • Spliting Headache (Stalling DDT)
  • Heart Breaker ( Kneeling Jawbreaker-adopted from her father)
  • Last Stand ( Front Chop Block)
  • Split Leg drop
  • Japanese arm drag
  • O’Connor roll up
  • Corner hanging figure four neck lock
  • Single legged dropkick


  • Empress of Forever
  • Lady Bianchi
  • Queen Theodora
  • The Gift From the Heavens

Entrance Theme

“Rockin That Thang Instrumental ” by The Dream

Championships and Accomplishments