Alexandré Rothschild (born ...) ...

 Early life

Born in CITY, STATE, and raised in CITY, STATE, LastName is ...

Professional wrestling career

Early Career (2000-2004)


Canadian Area Wrestling (2004-present)

On MONTH DAY, YEAR, CAW announced the LastName had signed with them...

At the CAW PPV on MONTH DAY, YEAR LastName defeated/loss to Opponent in his match...

CAW Championship (2008-present)

On MONTH DAY, YEAR episode of CAW, Lastname defeated Opponent to become the new CAW World Heavyweight Champion...

Personal life

LastName and his wife Mary have two children named Child 1 and Child 2...

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Fisherman Suplex - 2000-2004
    • Falling Skies (Stalling Suplex) - 2008-present
    • Snap Suplex - 2008-present
  • Signature moves
    • Double Underhook DDT
    • Snap DDT
  • Managers
    • John Doe
  • Wrestlers managed
    • Superstar 1
    • Diva 5
    • Legend 3
  • Nicknames
    • "The Vacanator"
    • "Mr. Rookie"
    • "Who's That"
    • "The Blank Guy"
  • Entrance themes
    • "Something" by Somebody (November 10, 2000 - December 15, 2004)
    • "Nothing" by Part Unknown (December 15, 2004 - Present)

Championships and accomplishments

  • Canadian Area Wrestling
    • CAW World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

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