The WRP World Heavyweight Championship is the most prestigious coveted title in the business.



The WRP World Heavyweight Championship was created to be the prize at the end of a tournament. The title had be scheduled to be redesigned after the tournament was ditched in order to began the WRP Premier Tour. Early March, the title had been completed and Aaron Bomber was ready to hold another tournament. The roster, that had been wrestling since January, had feuds that grew so intense that people had been hospitalized.

Championship disputes

Aaron Bomber vs Kevan Storm

Storm and Bomber were a team known as "The Anti-Heroes" which disbanded after a loss to a team known as "8 Myles". Bomber powerbombed Storm due to a disagreement they had during the match. This led to Storm calling out Bomber and demanding a match the next week. Storm would come out victorious after a Rainmaker knocked out Bomber. This led to Bomber wanting to embarrass Storm and him scheduling a three man gauntlet for Storm to compete in. Bomber attacked Storm in his last match of the gauntlet. Bomber would attack storm with foreign objects and throw him into the steel steps repeatedly. Storm would still show up to their match in Atlanta, GA the week after. Storm put up his best effort but was destroyed by Bomber. They match came to an end when Bomber powerbombed Storm onto the ring apron and the match was called off to get Storm medical help. Bomber debuted the title after he defeated Kevan Storm declaring "If your Super Rookie can't stop me...who can?!"

Championship belt designs

The belt is made of platinum and gold. It has the eagle from the original WRP World Championship and customizable sideplates.


Aaron Bomber is the only man to hold the title since it has debuted. He held it 132 days, until WRP merged with CTO, and had 5 title defenses.

Title created by IxKevantexITV

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