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VALOR X chronology


VALOR X is a special event for the VALOR Wrestling promotion to mark their 10th episode.


Following his victory over Rev Caliber to become VALOR Deep South Championship, Robin Storm began depicting himself as a "True Southern American", much to the chagrin of the crowds of the southern territories. This would raise the ire of Brian McLoud, a long-time colleague of Robin Storm from their days in TXW. The would engage in a discourse on Twitter, Brian himself taking offence to the statements as he was a legitimate southern wrestler. This would lead to McLoud returning to the ring. Robin would try and brush off any hostility by implying that the two were still friends, which McLoud reciprocated with a Mile High. Over the next few weeks, Robin would try and avoid McLoud anyway he could. On VALOR 9, Brian attacked and laid out Robin's personal security while Robin ran out through the crowd. In a state of paranoia, Robin would try to hide from McLoud in his locker room but was immediately met with a Mile High as he opened the door. A match was made for the title shortly after.

On VALOR 7, Vibi made his surprise debut at the expense of Barry Stevens, who was cutting a promo. Barry saw this as an attempt to steal his spotlight and quickly attacked Vibi with a Directors Cut, leaving him in the ring knocked out. The next week, Vibi cost Barry Stevens a match Bryan Amir by climbing the apron and distracting him. On VALOR 9, a match was made official by the two.

Following their match at IGNITE, Brandon Young and Easton Angeles would have a rough patch in their friendship as the two were scheduled for a tag team match, which Brandon would no-show as he was at a local nightclub instead, which was displayed over a Snapchat message. Sick of his shenanigans, Easton would call Brandon a douche. Brandon would later appologize for his actions as of late and informed Easton they'd have another tag team match at VALOR X, promising he would be there. The two would state their intentions to become VALOR's first tag team Champions.

Both MISERA and Tesla Vendetta were announced to make their VALOR debuts at VALOR X after their signings on Twitter. MISERA will face Matt Walker in his first match with the company.


No. Results Stipulations
1 Matt Walker vs. MISERA Singles match
2 Easton Angeles & Brandon Young vs. ??? & ??? Tag Team match
3 Robin Storm (c) vs. Brian McLoud Singes match for the VALOR Deep South Championship
4 Reece Rolu vs. El Meido Singles match
5 Barry Stevens vs. Vibi Singles match
6 Joshua Phoenix vs. Damian Morasko (with Ozkar Van Brett) Singles match
7 ARIK (c) vs. Eric Levine vs. Calvin Carter vs. Christopher Scarlett Four Corner Elimination match for the VALOR Cruiserweight Championship
8 Ace Whistler vs. Shannon Silvera Deathmatch
9 Maxwell Verdi (c) vs. Stigma Singles match for the VALOR World Heavyweight Championship
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match
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