Unrestricted Access Wresting (UAW) is a professional wrestling promotion founded in early 2016.

The promotion is set to debut on March 4th, 2017 on their official YouTube channel.


New Foundation (2016)

In January of 2016, UAW was founded and was planned to debut within the summer of the same year. Difficulties stopped them from being able to debut on time, and moved their debut back to early 2017.

Official debut (2017)

In February of 2017, UAW officially announced that it would be debuting shortly, but without a given date. A month later, UAW released the official release date, and continued on with promotions up until March 4th, the day of the premiere.


The main shows are expected to contain from 5-7 matches and segments, but may go over that. Due to the nature of the wrestling business, advertisements for merchandise and upcoming pay-per-view events of other promotions or of their own often serve as bookends for the commercial segments.


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Commentators Date
Norman Rhodes Mar. 4, 2017-present


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