Tommy Epsilon
Tommy Epsilon
Tommy Epsilon in 2017
Birth name Thomas Edwards
Born May 12, 1991 (1991-05-12) (age 27)
Birmingham, West Midlands, England
Resides Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Tommy Edwards
Tommy Epsilon
Height 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Weight 195 lb (88 kg)
Billed from Birmingham, England
Trained By Hiroyoshi Otomo
super-ZERO Dojo
Wesley Wolfe
Debut 2010

Thomas "Tommy" Edwards (born May 12, 1991), is an English professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Tommy Epsilon. He is currently signed with super-ZERO.

Epsilon is one half of the Rebel Alliance with Izu Takahama. The two are currently in their third reign as the super-ZERO Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions.

He has also wrestled in several independent promotions, including British Championship Wrestling (BCW).

Early life

Professional wrestling career

British Championship Wrestling (BCW)

On May 19, 2017, it was announced on BCW's twitter page that Epsilon and Takahama signed a part-time deal with the company. They would appear on BCW events in between super-ZERO tours. Despite signing both members of Rebel Alliance, BCW was only interested in using them in singles matches. This decision did not sit well with Rebel Alliance or super-ZERO management, so the deal was short lived.

Epsilon made his debut on BCW Episode 2, appearing in a gauntlet match to determine Travis Bennett's replacement in the BCW Championship Tournament. He defeated Gellitro and Charlie Watts, before losing to Joshua Phoenix in the final round of the gauntlet.

On Episode 4, Epsilon interrupted a promo by Darren Dastardly and attacked him after a remark was made about Takahama. Dastardly dodged a Flash Kick attempt by Epsilon and fled the scene. As a result of this confrontation, a match was made for later that night between Dastardly and Takahama for the KAPOW Catchweight Championship. Dastardly successfully defended the title, and was challenged by Epsilon after the match. Dastardly responded with an eye poke and gut kick, but Epsilon would manage to hit an EX Skybreaker on Dastardly. The two were set to face off at BCW's inaugural iPPV, Coronation Day.

Professional wrestling style and persona

An avid fan of Star Wars, Edwards draws a lot of inspiration from the franchise, incorporating it into ideas for maneuvers, entrance music, and gimmick concepts. Notable examples include naming his tag team with Izu Takahama the Rebel Alliance, a reference to the main protagonist-faction in the original Star Wars trilogy, using a variation of the Star Wars theme music as their entrance theme, and naming their finishing move the Stellar Envoy, a former name of the Millennium Falcon.

Personal life

Edwards played association football when he was younger, before deciding to become a professional wrestler.

Edwards is fluent in Japanese and currently lives in the Chiyoda ward in eastern mainland Tokyo.

Growing up, Edwards was a fan of British professional wrestling as well as various Japanese puroresu promotions. His favorite wrestlers were Cody Alpha EX, Alex Stryder, Iron Tanaka, Shigetaka Hayashi and Tiger Mask.

Outside of the ring, Edwards is close friends with his tag team partner Izu Takahama. The two met while training in the super-ZERO Dojo, and became friends due to their similar interests and senses of humor.

In wrestling

Finishing moves

  • Death Star Driver (Cross-legged Samoan driver)
  • Starbird Splash (450 splash)

Signature moves

  • Ankle hold – adopted from Izu Takahama
  • Cobra clutch backbreaker
  • Diving crossbody
  • Diving double foot stomp
  • Double foot stomp
  • Eternal Throne (Fireman's carry double knee gutbuster)
  • EX Skybreaker (Diving double knee facebreaker)
  • Flash Kick (Superkick) – tribute to Alex Stryder
  • Frankensteiner
  • Jumping spinning heel kick
  • Leg scissored monkey flip
  • Lightsaber (Double axe handle)
  • Mugen no Hikari (Cross-legged fisherman buster)
  • Multiple dropkick variations
    • Basement dropkick
    • Running corner dropkick
    • Slingshot springboard missile dropkick
    • Standing dropkick
    • Triangle dropkick
  • Multiple suplex variations
    • Back suplex
    • Backdrop suplex
    • Bridging table top suplex
    • German suplex; often bridging
    • Superplex
    • Tiger suplex – tribute to Tiger Mask; sometimes bridging
    • Vertical suplex transitioned into a float-over pin
  • Reverse Skybreaker (Double knee backbreaker)
  • Running corner European uppercut
  • Sit-out gutwrench powerbomb
  • Sit-out powerbomb; sometimes running
  • Skybreaker (Double knee facebreaker)
  • Spinning heel kick
  • Springboard plancha
  • Tilt-a-whirl headscissors
  • Topé con Hilo (Suicide somersault senton)
  • Tornado DDT; often rope-assisted or springboarding

With Izu Takahama

  • Finishing moves
    • Kessel Run (Rolling fireman's carry slam by Takahama followed by a Starbird Splash by Epsilon followed by a moonsault by Takahama)
    • Stellar Envoy (Wheelbarrow facebuster (Takahama) / Skybreaker (Epsilon) combination)
    • Stellar Envoy II (Flapjack (Takahama) / Skybreaker (Epsilon) combination)
  • Signature moves
    • Double Japanese arm drag followed by simultaneous kip-ups
    • Drop toe hold by Takahama followed by a standing foot stomp by Epsilon and then finished with a sliding knee by Takahama
    • Fist drop (Epsilon) / Standing moonsault (Takahama) combination
    • Rebel Rush (Spinning sole kick by Takahama followed by a Flash Kick from Epsilon and then finished with a simultaneous jumping enzuigiri by Takahama / Flash Kick by Epsilon combination)
    • Simultaneous springboard moonsaults to the outside
    • Slingshot springboard missile dropkick (Epsilon) / Powerbomb (Takahama) combination

Tag teams and stables

  • Rebel Alliance (w/ Izu Takahama)


  • "British Young Gun"
  • "Rebel Heart"
  • "StarbirdPrince"

Entrances themes

Championships and accomplishments

  • super-ZERO
    • super-ZERO Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship (3 times; current) – with Izu Takahama
    • super-ZERO World Tag League (2014, 2016) – with Izu Takahama