The Kingdom Is A Well Known Group In The Community As They Have Invaded Feds Such As TAW , CWA And Many More. This Team Was Formed By Three People Thomas Starr, Crazy J And Sam Oxley. Since Then They Have Gained Titles And Members And Lost Some .



The Kingdom Made Their Debuts Starting Off With A Feud With Pain Society. Thomas Starr Was The EBW World Champ And Crazy J Was The EBW Rising Stars Champ. They Went On And Unsuccessfully Challenged The Pain Society To Their EBW Tag Title. Sadly Tom Starr Left TAW Leaving Crazy J And Sam Oxley In The Kingdom, Crazy J Won The EBW World Title After Defeating Aiden But Then Lost It In The Following PPV. By That Time Tom Came Back And Then A Few weeks Later Got Fired. Then Crazy J And Sam Oxley Left EBW On Mutual Consent.


The Kingdom Debuted By Attacking CWA Wrestlers Such As Enigma Soul , Liam Mercer And Many More. When they Were Revealed To Be The Attackers They Were Hated By The Fans. This Lead Up To The 6 Man Match At Olympus II Which They Won Due To Sam Oxley Doing Most Of The Work. Then They Were Drafted To Ragepro And After Two Loses Crazy J Was Pissed Off At Sam And Tom Thus The Ending Of The Kingdom . Sam Oxley Was Released And Crazy J vs Thomas Starrs Feud Go To A Boiling Point . Matches After Matches This Rivalry Ended In Supernova Where Tom Beat Crazy J In An Iron Man Match. The Kingdom Was Not Mentioned Till An Episode Of Ragepro Where Oxley Made His Shocking Return By Attacking Crazy J And Tom Starr. This Lead To A Match At CWA Christmas Clash Where Tom Was Victourious. Then A Pissed Of Sam Oxley Violently Attacked Thomas Starr Which Set Up A Violent Feud Which Culminated In Starr Winning At Terror In Tokyo.


Kingdom Made Their Debut At An Episode Of TAW And This Team Consisted Of BJ Evans , Thomas Starr , Crazy J And Sam Oxley . They Were In A Gauntlet Match vs Team Mr White Which Kingdom Won And Then At Chase The Ace BJ Evans Lost The World Title. The Kingdom Unsuccessfully Challenged For The Tag Titles And at The Main event Thomas Starr Shockingly Turned Face And Left The Kingdom Then He Lost To His Brother , Liam Starr Who Joined The Kingdom.Then At Fear Factor Tom Won the World Title Which Lead Up To A Match at Summersurvival Team Kingdom vs Team Starr . Power vs Tom Starrs Career. Tom Starr Was A Part Of A Stable Called SER Who Also Hated The Kingdom . SER attacked Crazy J , Sam Oxley and BJ Evans And Turned The Main Event In To a Handicap But Miraculously Liam Starr Won. Then Liam Starr Retained His Title In A Ladder Match. Which To Everyone's Surprise Sam Oxley Returned Beat Liam Starr And Won the TAW World Title.


Kingdom Made Their Debut In OLW Connecticut Carnage. Crazy J Lost His World Title Against Shamrock Even Though Kingdom Were At ringside, Then at Wrestlefest Crazy J Won The OLW US Title And Then He Lost It One The First Episode Of Fusion But Then Regained It At Episode 3 And Has Held It Since. Thomas Starr Is Currently The No 1 Contender For The OLW World Title After Defeating Ryan Riley. Sam Oxley Went ON A Winning Streak Defeating Cody Hagen And The Then OLW Champ Shamrock. The Kingdom Has Recruited Many Stars Since Then.


TAW World Championship

TAW Zero G Championship

TAW IC Championship

TAW European Championship

TAW Royal Rumble

TAW Roxy Memorial Battle Royal

EBW World Championsip

EBW Rising Stars Championship

EBW Young bloods Championship

SCEW World Championship

SCEW Tag Team Championship

SCEW UK Championship

SCEW Internet Championship

EHW World Championship

EHW Cruiserweight Championship

P25 Championship

CWA RagePro Championship

CWA Cruiserweight Championship

Twitch Cruiserweight Championship

OLW Championship

OLW US Championship

PAW World Championship

EHW Tag Team Championship

GPW IC Championship

HWA TV Championship

LOP Championship

NSW Championship

GWF Championship

RFPW Hardcore Championship

RFPW Online Championship

OLW Tag Championship

RFPW Championship

HPWF Prestige Championship 

WKAB Galaxy World Championship

OLW IC Championship


EHW Undisputed Championship

NAW Hardcore Championship

PAW Lightheavyweight Championship

WTX Lightweight Championship

NSW European Champion

NSW NXT Championship

NSW Nitro Internet Championship

GWF Tag Team Championship

Honorbound Championship

FWW TV Championship

CWF Championship

TAW Hardcore Championship


Sam Oxley - Founder

Crazy J - Founder

Zengar Venu

Ryan Riley

James Massey

Ethan Gates

Jack Hunter

Former Members

Ken Mercer

Liam Starr

Thomas Starr - Founder

Kimberly Briggs

BJ Evans