The Brother Hood Begins

Created Wrestler Stable formed by The Great GFT & Nick King in November of 2016 for the WWE2K17. This oddly paired tag team quickly became popular with fans and management. The group initially begun a run on @ThisIsRiley defeating all challengers but never capturing the tag team gold.The growth GFT always mentioned happened as this duo became a faction! The group expanded throughout early 2017 including two different incarnations adding Blac Saboth, AJ Nemesis and Hannibal King in @Bdogbrandon's IEW and @JalenGetBuckets CEW respectively.

After those promotions went bankrupt, The Great GFT stole everything he could began to expand the Brother Hood. He started his own spa/dojo to help fellow wrestlers. He vowed to only compete in tag matches and introduced his blood "Brothers", Salute & MMMM from his dojo. After enjoying minor success as a trio on YouTube & GSTATE365, MMMM suffered an injury after a botched Hell In The Cell spot before returning back to the Dojo to recuperate! (in real life he wasn't saved on CC and thus forcing his retirement)

Straight Ew Revolution

The Brother Hood now only GFT & Salute were down to a tag team again and without a promotion to call home. GFT met some members of a promotion called Straight Edge Revolution and both were invited to join. Shortly after GFT and Salute entered the Straight Edge Revolution in hopes of getting more action it was revealed to be a rouse as the group were never a promotion to begin with. After several directionless months in SER that didn't see either booked once, the GFT grew suspicious of their immature ways and deceitful tactics. After accusing Laurence Fisher of stealing Salute to create a new SER "enforcer" the duo initiated a rift, split from the group and began calling them out publicly.The duo soon found themselves allies in several former members of SER and cross platforms CAW soon joined with the group.

Independent Circuit GFT and Salute began to call in favors and began to appear on several new streams and thus began a rennissance and resurgence in their popularity. After appearing on @KalElOfAwesome WoW & @TimmyBigguns36 BGW respectively, the duo considered another run as a tag team and entered ACPW & IIW's Tag team Tournament!