Straight Edge Revolution.

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The Straight Edge Revolution is a CAW faction created by former NXW World Champion Tom Doyle and is currently in its 2nd incarnation.

First Incarnation.

The first incarnation of the Straight Edge Revolution was formed back 2014 and only had 3 members which were: Tom Doyle, Tyson Cage and Travis Storm. They dominated NXW for a year and an half before each member went their own separate way. Before they disbanded, Doyle became NXW World champion multiple times and Cage and Storm became the longest reigning NXW World Tag Team Champions in the company's history.

Second Incarnation.

It was late 2016 when Tom Doyle decided to reform the Straight Edge Revolution but make it more BIGGER and STRONGER than ever before. The first members to join the Straight Edge Revolution in 2016 was Ruby Rebel (who became the first female member of the Straight Edge Revolution), Shawn Hitch, Stan Wilson, Bryan King and Gloria Rose. Currently (as from 19/07/17) there are 20+ members of the Straight Edge Revolution.

Championship History

Here is the list of all the championships held by the members of the Straight Edge Revolution both past and current.

  1. NXW World Championship
  2. NXW World Tag Team Championship
  3. NXW Hardcore Championship
  4. NXW 6 Man Tag Team Championship
  5. NXW Internet Championship
  6. NXW Television Championship
  7. NXW Womens Championship
  8. NXW United States Championship
  9. XVCW World Championship
  10. XVCW Championship
  11. XVCW All Star Championship
  12. XVCW Women's Championship
  13. XVCW Championship
  14. XVCW World Championship
  15. XVCW Diamonds Championship
  16. XVCW Womens Tag Team Championship
  17. XVCW Breakthrough Tag Team Championship
  18. XVCW Intercontinental Championship
  19. PWA World Championship
  20. IIW Cruiserweight Championship
  21. IIW United States Championship
  22. SOS Hardcore Championship
  23. SOS United States Championship
  24. XPWN World Championship
  25. XPWN Womens Championship
  26. XPWN Tag Team Championship
  27. XPWN JR Heavyweight Championship
  28. TAW World Championship
  29. TAW Zero-G Championship
  30. TAW Internet Championship
  31. Atlas World Championship
  32. UCW Womens Championship
  33. OCW World Championship
  34. OCW Intercontinental Championship
  35. OCW Tag Team Championship
  36. PLEH Championship
  37. SHW Ironman Championship
  38. WXIW Intercontinental Championship
  39. AOW Championship
  40. GTW Womens Championship
  41. ESPW World Championship
  42. GWF World Championship
  43. NSW Million Dollar Champion
  44. OLW United States Championship
  45. OLW Tag Team Championship
  46. RFPW Online Championship
  47. RFPW Hardcore Championship
  48. HPWF Prestige Championship
  49. RCW Championship
  50. EWE World Championship
  51. EWE Tag Team Championship
  52. WHE Intercontinental Championship
  53. WHW United States Championship
  54. EGW Hardcore Championship

Current Members.

  • Tom Doyle
  • Shawn Hitch
  • Stan Wilson
  • Bryan King
  • S.E.Hero
  • Ruby Rebel
  • Gloria Rose
  • Alice Black
  • Marissa Diaz
  • Samantha Beauchamp
  • Lars Wyld
  • Kenna Wyld
  • Eli Robledo
  • TJ Fame
  • Bad News Bullet
  • Alexander Jackson
  • Erek Colon
  • Kylie
  • Zengar Venu
  • Heath Steele
  • Thomas Starr
  • Jay Money
  • Queen Eve
  • Justin Harris
  • Jade
  • Selena Sutton
  • Celesta Mota
  • Rebecca Adams
  • Kalen Speight
  • Hunter Quinn

Straight Edge Revolution Championship

Straight Edge Revolution Championship v2

The Straight Edge Revolution has created their own championship for the purpose of improving each member's skill via competitive matches with each other. As of 19/07/17 there have been a total of 5 SER Champions so far.

  1. Tom Doyle
  2. Erek Colon
  3. Shawn Hitch
  4. Stan Wilson
  5. Christian Tracey

Straight Edge Revolution Womens Championship

In addition to the male members competing for the S.E.R championship. The Women have their own championship as of 07/08/17, there have been 2 Champions so far.

  1. Kylie
  2. Gloria Rose