Paris Joyce (born 8/28/96) is an American professional wrestler signed to WTW, where she performs under her birth name.

Early life

Joyce was born in Los Angles, California. She has been involved in sports since the age of five, competing in softball, track, kickboxing, and gymnastics. In cheerleading, she reached Division I status in college. She also spent time in competitive bodybuilding, and has competed in the Arnold Classic. At the age of 15, Joyce suffered from a life-threatening eating disorder, but bodybuilding helped her overcome it.

Professional wrestling career

BGB (2014-2017)

Paris made her debut on episode 1 of the first season of BGB, fighting the gorgeous Charlotte Melrose. Sadly after she was attacked by Chanel who put Paris out for two years but returned to BGB where she fights Ishammer Pride in the thanksgiving special for BGB only to be injured once again but not out of action.

WTW (2017-present)

Paris made her debut on episode 4 of the first season WTW, making an immediate impact by attacking Sho'Nel after she had just defeated Megan Star for the WTW womens title. Paris ordered Mana to break Sho'Nel's leg so she can steal the title and be self claimed as the Goddess of WTW.

Personal life

Before she started wrestling, she started and runs a company called Package From Paris where she does many things such as ombres, makeup, etc.

In wrestling Edit

  • Finishing moves
    • Flight From Paris (rounding moonsault) - 2014-present
    • Eiffel Fall (DDT) - 2014-present
  • Signature moves
    • Joyceful - (corner sunset flip)
    • Heart Attack - (standing moonsault double knee drop)
  • Nicknames
    • Joyce
    • Little Psycho
    • Harley Quinn Of WTW
    • Wicked Witch
    • Five Foot Of Fury
  • Entrance themes
    • Follow The Light (November 24, 2014 - Present)


  • Won Her First Bombshell Beach Bash Match Against Alexander Marie
  • Debut On WTW
  • Stole The Women's WTW Title From Sho'Nel

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