Akiel Worthington (born July 17 1989), better known by his ring name NAHMO and formally Prince Strider, is a British Professional Wrestler and Shoot Fighter currently wrestling for Robbie Scott's Gym where he performs on Fighting World Championships.  

Professional wrestling career

Robbie Scott's Gym

Warrington debuted against Damien MISERA under the name Prince Stryder wearing an attire reminiscent to Alex Stryder's during the early part of his career. Warrington would eventually modify the gimmick adding influences from Bruce Leeroy in the Movie The Last Dragon and 80's Funk and RnB Artists such as Prince, Michael Jackson and Bobby Brown. Warrington would re-debut as Prince Strider on an RSG Special event defeating TJ Agata with his new finishing maneuver the Throwing Star Kick. Warrington would continue to wrestle for RSG and FWC facing off with the likes of Brent Delivine, Bryan Amir, Joshua Phoenix, JP Masters to name a few.     

Transition to NAHMO

During a FWC Tour in Melbourne Warrington faced off against Isamu Hideyoshi. During the match Warrington uncharacteristically broke character and began to try and match Hideyoshi's hard style. The match ended with Hideyoshi hitting his Penalty Kick and getting the win. After the match Warrington and Hideyoshi shook hands and Warrington left with applause from the crowd. Warrington took leave from wrestling and began to travel Asia starting in Malaysia then the Philippines and eventually landed in Phuket.  Warrington took interest in Buddhism and began to vist the temple nearest to his hotel frequently. "I felt myself at a loss before and that's why I began traveling. Studying Buddhism seems to have given me a bit of mental boost." Whilst visiting the temple one day Warrington stumbled into a monk giving a demonstration in the garden. "I had been taught some Thai Boxing before whilst I was kickboxing and it looked similar so I asked him if it was the same and he said it was Mae Mai, an old version of Muay Thai." Warrington began to practice forms with the monk everyday for 3 months until being asked to join Sityodtong gym by JP Masters who was training there along with Damian Misera. After another couple of months training Warrington re debuted on FWC against Isamu Hideyoshi with a new look using the name NAHMO. Warrington's ring attire is inspired by the clothes worn by sport combat practitioners from indian cultural sphere such as Lethwei, Yaw - Yan, Muay Thai and Pradal serey.


Finishing moves

Signature moves

Multiple Kick Variations

  • Shoot
  • Teep
  • Throwing Star (Feint roundhouse kick followed by a spinning heel kick) - Adopted From Alex Stryder
  • Spinning Back

With Alex Stryder

  • Crouching Jaguar Hidden Cobra 


  • "The Shooter"
  • "The King Cobra"

Championships and accomplishments

Professional record