Marius Dam Christophersen(often shortened to "Marius DC" or just "MDC") is a professional wrestler born on the 23rd of November, 1993 and raised in the Faroe Islands. He is most known for being the founder of INFINITY Professional Wrestling and his unorthodox, innovative style.

Early Life

Marius was born and raised in the Faroe Islands, a small island community slightly south of Iceland. At a young age, Marius was fascinated with the arts, becoming the youngest person in the nation to hold a monetary art exhibit. He never excelled at sports, however after seeing a wrestling match on television, he was entranced. The pageantry and flair for the dramatic fascinated him, and after turning 12, he was a die-hard Pro-Wrestling fan.

Once he reached teen-age however, Marius became a "party animal" of sorts. He involved himself with the wrong people, and developed dependencies on several illegal substances. Marius moved to Denmark at the ripe age of 17, in an attempt to build a wrestling career.

Professional Wrestling Career

Marius started his wrestling career in Germany, signing to The Kampfkraft School of Martial Arts, and training under "The Fox" Rudolf Kessler. However, after a year of training, Marius felt as though he wasn't being challenged enough by his teachers, and although the company helped him get in shape, he wasn't being challenged nearly enough by the wrestling aspects. Therefore, he moved to London, and once again, started training with a wrestling company. This time, he started training under Tommy Idol, at the Southside Academy of Wrestling. At the Academy, he excelled at most topics, including winning the "Best Opening" at the year end school awards, voted by a panel of the school's teachers.