Nathan Kid (born October 5, 1990) is a professional wrestler who goes by the name Kid Savior. He has recently been sign to Wrestling Revolution Project (WRP) and has quite the following behind him.

Personal Life

Kid has a younger brother Evan Kid, who wrestles under the name Evan Dyers. Kid grew up a huge wrestling fan, for him it wasn't just entertainment or another show to watch on television. For Kid wrestling was a second chance at life for him to live the way he wants. Kid has recently stated;

"Live for the moment right? Well wrestling is filled with moments I live for..."
Kid acknowledged that by the age of 10 he knew he wanted to a professional wrestler.


  • Martha Kid (Mother)
  • Ryan Kid (Father)
  • Evan Kid, also known as Evan Dyers (Brother)


After High School Kid began saving up money to attend a wrestling school. He successfully did so and attended PWC. In 2008, he began traveling from show to show between the Canada and the United States.

Pro Wrestling Career

In wrestling

  • Entrance themes
    • "Save Me From Myself" by Vertical Horizon