Joey Legend
Joey Legend in May 2017
Birth name Joseph Malcolm Godwin
Born September 22, 1988 (1988-09-22) (age 29)
Manhattan, New York
Resides Manhattan, New York
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Joey Legend
Height 6 ft 5 in (1.95 m)
Weight 245 lb (111 kg)
Billed from The City That Never Sleeps
Manhattan, New York
New York City, New York
The Nightmare on 34th Street
Trained By Akira Kai
Darius Mitchell
Yoshihiro Takashi
Debut 2006

Joseph Malcolm "Joey" Godwin (born September 22, 1988), best known by his ring name Joey Legend, is an American professional wrestler currently signed with VALOR Wrestling and super-ZERO.

Legend is known for working extensively in Japan and on the American independent circuit.

Early life


Professional wrestling career

Training and early career


Japan (2008–present)


Return to the independent circuit (2013–2016)


L.E.G.E.N.D. Wrestling (2014–2015)

Original concept (2014)


Re-opening and final closing (2015)


Time away from professional wrestling (2015–2016)


Return to the United States (2016)

New Age Horizons


Second absence, extensive training (2016–2017)


VALOR Wrestling (2017)

On May 20, 2017, Joey Legend appeared on VALOR Wrestling's fifth episode, interfering in a cruiserweight match between Jacen du Marias and O'Ryan James. Legend speared both men before leaving the ring.

Legend interfered in yet another bout on Episode 6, spearing Akamanto during his entrance. Brent Delivine came out to stop the attack, and it was later announced that the two would have a match on the next episode, which would also be Legend's VALOR in-ring debut. On Episode 7, Legend defeated Delivine after Delivine was distracted by a mysterious voice on the loud speakers.

On the following episodes of VALOR, Legend defeated several local wrestlers who put up no challenge.

Black Dragon Gate (2017–present)

On August 15, 2017, Black Dragon Gate and the iGlobal Network announced that Joey Legend would be featured in the BDG Dojo Climax 2017 tournament, participating in the A Block. It was also announced that Legend would be representing super-ZERO Pro-Wrestling, along with Damian MISERA.

In wrestling

Finishing moves

  • Spear – 2006–present
  • Urban Legend (Fireman's carry facebuster) – 2010–2013; used rarely thereafter

Signature moves

  • Ankle lock
  • Brainbuster – 2008–2013
  • Fireman's carry slam transitioned into a triangle hold – 2010–2014; used rarely thereafter
  • Forearm clubs to a rope-hung opponent's chest
  • Jumping knee strike
  • Kneebar
  • Legend-giri (Enzuigiri or gamengiri, usually while facing away from a cornered opponent)
  • Multiple backbreaker/gutbuster variations
    • Fireman's carry
    • Half-nelson
    • Pendulum
    • Pumphandle
  • Multiple European uppercut variations
    • Pop-up, sometimes as a counter to a diving opponent
    • Running to a cornered opponent
    • Standing
  • Multiple lariat variations
    • Discus
    • Diving
    • Running
    • Standing
    • Wrist-lock
  • Multiple powerbomb variations
    • Buckle
    • Folding, sometimes transitioned into a modified Boston crab
    • Legend Bomb (Sit-out; sometimes pop-up or running)
  • Multiple suplex variations
    • Backdrop
    • German
    • Gutwrench
    • Half-nelson
    • Stalling
    • Super
  • Muscle Buster
  • Olympic slam
  • Powerslam
  • Running face wash
  • Running senton
  • Size 15 Boot (Big boot / Discus big boot / Bicycle kick, sometimes using a kneeling opponent's knee for leverage)
  • The Sky is Falling! (Diving headbutt / splash)
  • Sleeper hold
  • Spinebuster
  • Spinning backfist
  • Texas cloverleaf


  • "The Crown Jewel"
  • "Cold As Ice"
  • "The Present & Future (of Professional Wrestling)"
  • "The Beast (of New York)"
  • "The Manhattan Mauler"

Entrances themes

Championships and accomplishments

  • FILL
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