HR Xavior
HR Xavior
The Dark Red Warrior
Birth name Harry Roberts
Born 23 August 1997
Suffolk, England
Resides Suffolk, England
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) HR Xavior
Height 6'1"
Weight 220 lbs
Billed from Suffolk, England
Debut TBA

Harry Roberts (born August 23rd, 1997) Is a British professional wrestler currently signed to XCW and ATLAS Amplified. He works under the Ring Name "HR Xavior".

Early life

Harry was a normal child with a normal life. However he always felt like he was following in his brothers shadow. His brother Jack Roberts (Jack Bannon, Formerly known as JB Xavior) was thriving in the wrestling business. However he never made it to on-screen fame he was definitely popular in local areas. Harry was always jealous of his brother and wanted fame aswell. However Harry does have a huge passion for wrestling aswell. He chose to be a wrestler because of his interest in it, his brothers career and now his cousins amazing career.

Professional wrestling career 

XWF (2015 - 2017) 

XWF is a Promotion that was started by Harry's father "Joseph Roberts" (AKA Joseph Xavior in the show). It was never going to be a huge deal and everybody knew that. However it was a place to begin your career before entertaining a TV audience. HR's role in the company was very big however HR never won the major belt "The XWF Championship". Instead HR was crowned the first ever "XWF British Champion". He defended the title for five months before losing it. Instead of sticking around HR left his fathers company on good terms so he could make a career as a global Superstar.

Xtreme Chaos Wrestling Productions (2017-Present) 

HR applied for XCW as a starting point to finally launch his career. As he awaits his debut he is eager to find any place that will take him so he can get his name out there in the world of Pro Wrestling.

ATLAS Amplified (2017-Present)

HR applied for the new promotion as another place to get his career started.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves:
    • The Knee of Xavior (Jumping Knee Strike)
    • The Xaviator/The Dark Red Destroyer (Snapmare Driver)
  • Signature Moves:
    • Shades of Parish (Superkick)
    • Sudden Death (Spinebuster)
  • Nicknames:
    • The Dark Red Warrior
  • Theme songs
    • White Comic - This ain't the end of me (Original/XWF)
    • Amoebacrew - Break Your Line (XCW)

Championships and Accomplishments

  • XWF:
    • XWF British Champion (1 time)