Virginia Sage Merano (born April 2nd, 1991) ... Gin Merano was born in Ann Arbor Michigan. From Ages six to fifteen Gin played soccer as a forward Striker until her brother Garret Merano was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 11. Merano spent the next two years of her youth looking after him at the University Hospital Psychiatric. Three years later Gin got news of her brother committing suicide. She began acting out unruly and getting into serious trouble hanging with the wrong crowd. At the age of 19 Gin was allegedly charged for arson for the mysterious burning down of University Hospital Psychiatric. All charges were dropped and she was pleaded innocent and was let off with community service. Merano decided to do her community service at a Wrestling School where she met Tesla Vendetta and soon they became great friends. She fell in love with the sport of wrestling and asked Tesla if she could train her, Vendetta agreed and Gin begin her path to Sports Wrestling Entertainment where she competes now in many different companies.

Professional wrestling career

Gin begin her wrestling path at GORE Professional School where she met good friend and long term trainer Tesla Vendetta. Gin Merano made her in ring debut at DHCW PPV "Shattered Hearts" February 14th, 2013, after winning the DHCW Diva Search early 2012. She Surfed through many wrestling Indy companies all around the world until getting singed to WCW "World Class Wrestling" after competing their for 6 months Gin decided to take up a new place to call home VSW(Vsionary Sports Wrestling). The doors unfortunately closed soon after and Gin made her debut in Valor Wrestling where she competed in the first ever Valor Women Championship Match against long Term Friend Jordan Ashba. On May 6th Gin shook the entire Forever A Movement Universe in her debut as she took out both Eve and Vikel leaving a huge statement on the women's division. She is currently Signed under contract with FaM , CTO , and ROX where she is Managing 1x Rox Undisputed Champion her Husband Desmond Cruise.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Castigation (Power bomb and Backbreaker)
    • Ginocide (Butterfly DDT)
    • Grusem Splash (Diving crossbody)
    • Ginshasa (Running Knee Smash)
  • Managers
    • Insane Isaac
  • Wrestlers managed
    • Vaina Venom
    • Desmond Cruise
  • Nicknames
    • Lady Anarchy
  • Entrance themes
    • Envoi-From A Cage

Championships and accomplishments

  • DHCW
    • DHCW Hardcore Champion (? time) (241 Days)
  • FaM
    • FaM Diamonds Championship (October 7th)

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