Devlyn Morah (Born Royceilia Artois) is a french-hispanic wrestler, model, and television personality.

Early Life

Royce was born in Marseille, France to a french father and an Italian mother on March 23, 1994. Her birth was the result of infidelity in her mother's relationship with the father of her sister and brother (Vanessa and Jiovanni Anamorah). She stayed with her father and his wife for most of her life, thus causig a rift between her and her birth mother. She had always been the sporty type, playing basketball, lacrosse, and softball as a teen. Her bestfriend Messiah Lorenz, who was an amatuer wrestler, got her into the whole wrestling scene. She didn't take it so serious, it had just been a fun hobby at the time. Around the age of 17, she witnessed her big brother, Jiovanni and father's murder. Lost and enraged, she used wrestling as a stress reliever. With the man of the house gone, times grew harder. She found herself working at strip clubs on the weekends to make extra money to help her step-mother provide for the family. When that didn't suffice, she made the decision to go into wrestling full-time. She would do matches in the independant circuit for a little more cash. It was then she had found out just how much she loved the sport.

Professional Wrestling Career

Bad Gal Behavior (2016-2017)

In mid 2016, Royceilia got signed to a girl-dominant league known as BGB (Bad Gal Behavior). Shortly after she started going by the shortenend name Royce. She reunited with her "twin sisters" who were not happy to see her, sparking an immediate fued. Royce made her BGB debut against her sisters, partening with Kiera Darkholme (otherwise known as Veronica). They lost due to a Twin Magic mix up. Royce departed from BGB and the end of 2016, due to professionalism issues.

Royce making her way to the ring.

ROX Wrestling (2017)

Royce also signed to ROX mid 2016. She ended up leaving before a debut took place.

FUTURE Pro Wrestling (2017)

Close to the end of 2016, Royce signed with FUTURE. She was immediately put into action. She competed in a house show aginst Juliet Marie Rose (whom she had met in the ring before). She won the match with her signature 'G2' submission. She made her episode debut as a main-eventer. She competed against 2 other divas in a 3 corners match. She departed From FUTURE in April, 2017.

Cherish the Opportunity (2017- )

Towards the end of 2017, Royce signed with CTO's developmental league, FORTUNE. She debut on the first episode of the 2018 year taking on Marcela Ferreira, where she did not come out victorious.

Personal Life


Royce and her ex-boyfriend, Desean Garcia

While signed to BGB, Royce met Desean Garcia. The two immediately sparked a connection but stayed friends due to Royce's engagement to wrestler Marcus Smith. Royce and Marcus soon departed and desean held royce's hand through it all, causing the two to hit off. The relationship soon ended but was rekindled a little while later after Royce was signed to FUTURE. The Relationship Was then once again called off shortly after Royce Gave birth to their daughter, Gabriella Garcia. Months later, she caught up with an old friend: Tydello Beckham. Not alot of time passed before the two established a connection and gravitated towards each other.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • Snakebite ( Leaping Punch ) - 2017-present
    • Mind Over Shatter ( Spinning Complete Shot ) - 2017-present
    • Disasterpiece ( Full nelson reverse STO  ) - 2017
    • G2 ( Inverted figure-four leg lock ) - 2016-used as signature thereafter
    • Disasterpiece 2.0 Fireman's carry powerbomb ) - 2016-2107
  • ​Signatures 
    • Backtrack ( Back Suplex Side Slam )
    • Superkick
    • Big boot
    • So ASS-inine ( Running or Jumping Hip attack )
    • Fake-out back elbow
    • Slingshot backbreaker
    • Running double knee takedown
    • Tramp Stamp ( DDT w/ theatrics )
    • Cutting Edge ( Kick combo followed by a parallel snapmare)
  • ​Nicknames
    • ​'Kween of the Damned'
    • 'Queen Blackheart'
    • 'Dark Princess' ( used while in relationship with Desean Garcia )
    • 'Satan's Favorite Playmate'
  • ​Entrance Themes
    • ​"I love money" by Chanel West Coast ( 2015-2016 )
    • "I Can't Stop" by Unknown ( 2016-2017 )
    • "Crossfire" (Edited) by Stephen ( 2017)
    • "Masterpiece" by Noni ( 2017-2018 )
    • "I'm the Queen" (English Version) by Gery Nikol (2018-Present)