Cherish The Opportunity (d/b/a/ CTO) is an ...

Company history

Cherish The Opportunity was founded in September 2011 under the company's original name, New Era Wrestling. As New Era Wrestling continued to grow as an industry, they rebranded and adopted the name they use today Cherish The Opportunity. Cherish The Opportunity was always known for innovative story telling and entertaining the audience. By the mid summer of 2016, Cherish The Opportunity stocks were purchased by Aaron Bomber making him an owner into the company. Aaron would go on to merge together his company (Wrestling Revolution Project) with Cherish The Opportunity, creating a new show inside Cherish The Opportunity known as Voltage.


Cherish The Opportunity uses a variety of terms to describe many of their ideologies. The company uses "CTO" as a shorter way to Anyone who is a male, under the weight of 215 lbs, is considered a "Riot". The women apart of the show are known as "Divas", while they have two branded championships, the "Diva Of Dominance" and "Empress" Championships. The audience base is known as the "CTO Universe".

CTO stocks and corporate governance

Currently, Cherish The Opportunity Stocks are not marketed to purchase due to the shares being all purchased by the shareholders within the company.


Cherish The Opportunity employs over 50 unique superstars between their three shows (Corruption, Voltage, and Fortune). Offering contracts including developmental, main roster, special appearance, and legends.

Wellness program

Cherish The Opportunity has a zero tolerance policy in place for using any type of drug substances. Cherish The Opportunity does not allow substances from illegal to performance enhancing drugs.

Expansion beyond wrestling


Cherish The Opportunity has been in partnership with Tapout inc. since early 2014, using Cherish The Opportunity talent to showcase their hardwork and physical shape on their commercials.

Championships and accomplishments

Main article: List of current champions in CTO


Main article: CTO Corruption

Championship Current


Reign Date won Location Notes
CTO Global Wrestling


Malachi 1 March 24, 2017 New Orleans, Louisianna, United States Won the title in a triple threat.

Diva of Dominance


Alexa Love 1 March 24, 2017 New Orleans, Louisianna, United States Defeated Rachel Reigns.


Main article: CTO Voltage

Championship Current


Reign Date won Location Notes
CTO World


Aaron Bomber 1 March 24, 2017 New Orleans, Louisianna, United States Defeated

Sean O'riley

CTO Pride Championship N/A


Lassiter 1 March 4, 2017 Las Vegas, NV Defeated Atarian
CTO Global Tag Team


Kidd Gucci & Christopher T. Rosa
CTO Empress


Rachel Reigns 1 July 28,


San Juan, Puerto Rico Defeated


Other accomplishments

Accomplishement Latest


Date won Location Notes
Women's Fortune Winner Tiffany Aero August 21, 2017 Pittsburgh, PA

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