The CTO Pride Championship is a championship created by Aaron Bomber to represent the Heart & Soul of WRP. This title was later inherited by CTO during the merger between CTO and WRP.



The Title was created by Aaron Bomber to signify the Pride of WRP as a company. The holder would represent everything the company stood for in terms of giving everything it takes to become a true champion.

Championship disputes

Harris v. Storm

There was only on title match held between Danny Harris and Kevan Storm. Harris took revenge on storm for being one of the men to injure him earlier in the year.

Championship belt designs

The Original

IMG e95dc760-0738-4c59-8df8-a1462e48974b


This is the WRP Pride Championship that was presented to the public and won by Danny Harris.It's design was to reflect having the pride of a lion overlooking his territory and some state that this title completely embodies.


Danny Harris is the first and only WRP Pride Champion as the company merged with CTO on September 7, 2016 causing the Pride Championship to be retired.


Aaron Bomber announced on Voltage Ep. 2, Christopher Scarlet and Eric Rivera will go one on one at Slam Impact II to crown the first ever, CTO Pride Champion.

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