CTO Fortune is a professional wrestling program that is produced by CTO and is broadcast on YouTube. Fortune exist as a hybrid between reality television and CTO live event shows.


CTO pairs new and upcoming wrestlers (dubbed "Rookies") with wrestlers from CTO's existing Corruption and Voltage brands (dubbed "Pros"). Each episode featured the rookies being mentored by the pros as they develop their characters and performance skills in front of a live audience. The pairings also enabled the show to crossover into CTO's Corruption and Voltage programs. In addition to matches, weekly challenges were held during the competition to further test the Rookies' physical and mental skills. In the Judges votes, each of the Judge vote for their favorite Rookie. Their votes are based on the following four criteria:

  • Win-loss record within the show
  • Strength of opponents
  • Work ethic
  • "It" factor


Season 1

Season 1 of Fortune was cancelled before the release of episode 2 due to things known only by CTO executives. This allowed for all of the Fortune Competitors to be eligible for the CTO Draft 2016.


Category: Male

Rookie Pro Wins Losses Status
Atarian 1 0
Raymond Blake 0 0
Aaron Bomber 0 0
Freddy Fisher 0 1
Evan de Graw 0 0 Eliminated Ep.1
Matt Savior 0 0
Marcus Smith 0 0

Category: Female

Rookie Pro Wins Losses Status
Larissa Domendez
Tiffany Marie N/A Eliminate by


Kattya Petrovna
Morgan Rivera
Candice Tourne
DJ Val N/A N/A N/A Ep.1 Drop Out

Poll results

No winner.

Season 2



Category: Male

Rookie Pro Wins Losses Status
Ricky Duncan
Dante McGregor
Aaron Silvers
Matt Savior
C.J. Brians

Category: Female

Rookie Pro Wins Losses Status
Tiffany Marie
Marcela Ferreira
Tiffany Aero
Shaul Santana
Isabella Petrovna
Denise Westbrooks
DJ Val

Poll results

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