Blaze Maxamillion (Born August 22, 1990) is a Scottish-American Professional Wrestler currently signed to TCW(Twitch Community Wrestling). His mother, Lauren is American born, while his Father, Randal is native to Scotland. He wrestles under his own name. He currently uses no gimmick, but often embraces his Scottish nationality on and off television. It should be noted that while making a few special appearances in other promotions, he has been comitted to TCW for the bulk of his wrestling career. He is the nephew of professional wrestling legend Don Murphy

Early life

Blaze was born in Glasgow, Scotland on August 22, 1990. His parents owned a small dairy farm where he grew up just outside of the city. He has stated in interviews that although he was a big fan of wrestling while growing up, due to his uncle being an iconic figure in the business, he never intended to make it a career. From a young age he began practicing judo, going on to eventually obtain the rank of 10th Dan (the highest rank one can achieve). Throughout secondary school it was his goal to compete in the Olympics in Judo, however a knee injury would make that goal unobtainable.

During a qualifying tournament run by the "International Judo Federation" for the Olympics, he suffered a horrifying knee unjury when hitting the mat wrong. He tore his ACL, MCL, PCL, and Meniscus as well as a fractured patella and fractured tibia. This injury required an invasive arthroplasty(knee replacement) and resulted in several metal pieces being placed inside his knee, and also, the end of his Olympic aspirations 

Legal Issues

Drug Related offenses

Throughout his teenage years, he had several run-ins with law enforcement for either possession or use of Marijuana. These resulted in several tickets and fines being issued over the years

Arrest and Conviction

On March 14th, 2011, Blaze was arrested in connection with a brawl inside a local bar in Glasgow, and brought in for drunk and disorderly conduct in public. Further investigation revealed that Maxamillion had incited the brawl, also striking and beating a man with a wooden bar stool. On March 25th, 2011 was sentanced to serve 24 months in H.M.P Barlinnie, a prison in Glasgow. According to Maxamillion:"Prison life wasn't honestly, that bad, the worst part is the loneliness and the monotony of it all, it's literally the same shit every single day, and that shit gets old fast." Reportedly, Maxamillion's parents did not visit him while he was incarcerated, apparently his mother refused to visit due to her anger with her son, and his father would not visit because he did not want to see his son locked up. According to Maxamillion, his only contact with the outside world was with his uncle, Don Murphy, who moved to Scotland in that time. 

"Uncle Don Moved to Scotland when I was locked up, and like, even though he was a part of the family I never saw him much other than holidays. So when he started supporting me throughout my incarceration it was super surprising, but it was a critical part in helping me survive my prison stay." -Blaze Maxamillion

Murphy would visit Blaze two times a week, bringing him books and magazines to keep his mind occupied, he would also tell stories of his time as a professional wrestler, during this time, Maxamillion regained his interest in wrestling. 

Also, during this time, Murphy worked to help Maxamillion obtain full American citizenship. 

"We all make mistakes, let's get that straight. I love the kid to death, and I realized that if, when he get's out, he's going to turn his life around, then he needs to be far away from all this. He needed to be removed from some of the influences that he had around him, so I worked myself pretty darn hard to be able to bring that boy back to America with me." - Don Murphy, 2015

After being released from prison, Maxamillion was granted legal citizenship to the United States of America where he immediately went to live with his uncle Don Murphy

April, 2017 Arrest

In April, 2017. While attending a protest against cutting funding for public education, Maxamillion was arrested for second degree trespassing, a misdemeanor. He was released on recognizance and sentenced to pay a 500 dollar fine.

Early Career

After moving from Glasgow to Tennessee, Maxamillion was eager to start training to become a wrestler. He was severely out of shape at that time and for several months he dedicated his time to getting back to a healthy body weight. Maxamillion searched for many wrestling schools in Tennessee, though he was unable to find the right fit. This caused Murphy, aged 68 at the time, to come out of retirement and become not only his nephew's coach, but his trainer. Maxamillion trained for a little over six months before having his first match. In his early days, Maxamillion used his Judo/Mixed Martial Arts skills as well as a combination of his wrestling ability to craft his style, now he uses less of his judo technique and more of a wrestling moveset. For about three years Blaze travelled around and preformed at several different indy organizations before nailing a try-out with TCW. After his initial try out with TCW, he waited one week to be contacted, according to Blaze, when he recieved a call from TCW Hellbound General Manager/Commentator 'J-Double', he was asked "When can you make it to TV?" He immediately canceled the rest of his possible appearances.

Twitch Community Wrestling (TCW)

Debut and Shogun Club

In early February, 2016, Blaze Debuted as a member of the budding faction "Shogun Club" alongside Velocity, Katie Sparks, and other ex-TCW talent. In his very first on screen appearance he was involved in a backstage segment with Sheeva and Jacob Silva, where he was kayfabe kidnapped as an act of war from rival faction "The Whiskey Club". He managed to outsmart the two and make it back to the arena though suffering a kayfabe ankle injury. In his third match, he was able to make then TCW World Heavyweight Champion, Tyrant, submit within 3 minutes, this decision was not a popular one backstage, as Tyrant was nearly unbeatable at the time and had never been submitted, he remains the only superstar to ever make Tyrant tap. At the time backstage, his work ethic and promo ability got him noticed backstage by "The Wrecking Crew" a backstage faction of friends including Jaxon Jordan, Rickey Brown, Tyrant, and Dan Guan. Maxamillion then began to travel to events with The Wrecking Crew. Most attribute his win over Tyrant to this friendship. 

Departure from Shogun Club and The Whiskey Club

Backstage disagreement led to dissension among Shogun Club, and Maxamillion was jumped out of Shogun club before it later collapsed. Maxamillion then joined with former rivals, The Whiskey Club as an official member, alongside the likes of Sheeva, Jacob Silva, and friend "Sleazy" Jon Montana, among others. The Whiskey Club then moved into a feud with The Wrecking Crew, who were holding nearly all the championships on Hellbound at the time. During this time, several members of The Whiskey Club went on to find success. Blaze was granted a last man standing title match against then champion, Tyrant. Although he lost, this match was met with overwhelming positivity. 

The leader of The Whiskey Club departed and stepped down as leader causing a power struggle between Blaze and Sheeva, this power struggle did not last long as it sparked an on-screen relationship between the two. This relationship stemmed beyond on-screen actions as they also began dating in real life. 

Blaze went on to have a lengthy, relatively uneventful singles run, before ending his on-screen relationship with Sheeva, resulting in their real life relationship coming to an end.

Tag Team Champion

Blaze and backstage friend, Rickey Brown, decided that they were interested in becoming a tag team and officially formed as "Blaze & Brown" or B&B for short. While it initially took them a few weeks to take off, they were then on a roll, defeating every team set in their path with reletive ease, aside from then tag team champions "The Nasty Boys". However, after The Nasty Boys had a falling out and disbanded, B&B were the number one contenders for the titles. After defeating a fellow tag team, B&B were crowned tag team champions of Hellbound. Around this time TCW opened another show, "Breakaway". B&B went of for several months, defending the titles to every team they would face. However, the team of Tops Newsome and Jake Watson, of the new budding faction "Empire" would eventually take the titles off B&B. They, however, shortly after would regain the titles off Empire and hold them again for quite a while. 

Feud with Rickey Brown and Injury

Leading up to Hell's Gate(TCW's Wrestlemania) Blaze and Rickey decided that B&B had run it's course and were both ready to pursue other avenues. Around this time, Blaze's uncle, Don Murphy, was offered and accepted a legends contract with TCW. As a way to promote this, Brown and Maxamillion decided to include Murphy in this feud. Maxamillion, in the first time in his career turned heel. On-screen, Murphy told Blaze that Rickey was too old and was holding him back, it was implied that there were racial motives as well, as Brown is African American. To sweeten the deal as well, Murphy on-screen passed off his leather jacket from his wrestling days, complete with a large patch on the back featuring the family crest and his nickname "The Natural Born Hunter"

Blaze, although, being the one initiating the split, refused to give up his half of the Tag Team Championships, the match was set at Hell's Gate, Blaze vs Rickey for sole ownership of the Tag Team Championships. In the week before Hell's Gate, after expressing interest, Don Murphy came out of retirement for one final match against Rickey Brown. Backstage, there were concerns, with Murphy being 72 years of age at the time, but the match was approved. It went over well, with Brown destroying the Murphy, even putting him through the announcer table, before hitting him with his finisher, the Vertebreaker. Aside from a black eye, Murphy was fine, and reportedly, was happy to do the job for Brown. 

At Hell's Gate, the B&B showdown was the opening match on the card. The match seemed to go well, until a botched Vertebreaker left Maxamillion with a broken neck and severely concussed. As Brown went to lift Maxamillion, and deliver the move, Maxamillion slid a little too far down Brown's back and took the impact of the mood directly on top of his head, causing his neck to break and a severe concussion. Maxamillion, suffering temporary paralysis, attempted to get to his feet, but collapsed inside the ring, Brown picked up the pin and immediately vacated the ring, no celebration took place.

Don Murphy, who was ringside, immediately signaled to the back for help, and EMT's and medical staff stormed the ring. Blaze, who slipped into unconsciousness had to be stretchered to the back, cameras were cut to commercial during this time, fan video showed that as he was being strechered up the ramp, he was met with overwhelming applause. Allegedly, there were several fans crying as this took place, but there is no proof to back that up.

Maxamillion was immediately transported to Parkland Hospital, in Dallas, Texas, where he was held in intensive care for two days, before regaining consciousness and falling into stable condition. The survival rate for this injury is around 5%. After 3 days in stable condition, Blaze recieved a surgery to put a rod in his neck, and piece his neck back together with pins and staples. He reportedly needed to learn how to walk again after surgery. Maxamillion spent a total of three weeks in the hospital before finally being released to start rehabing. 

During this time, even though he was uncertain if he woudl be able to return to in ring action, Maxamillion and Hellbound GM 'J-Double' came together to discuss how to work with the injury. During the match that caused the injury, J-Double had stated while on commentary, that Blaze would "have to pay his own medical bills". This idea snowballed into what would be one of the defining moments of his carrer

Lawsuit and In-Ring return

Following his injury, Blaze wanted to remain useful to the company, even though he could not physically compete. So in his first public statement since the injury, he killed the common assumption that he would return a babyface, and announced a (kayfabe)lawsuit against TCW. Maxamillion stated "If they want to try to mistreat their contracted talent, I'll take everything they fucking have." At this time, Maxamillion was rehabing every day, trying to get back in the ring as soon as possible. He took on a new gimmick, acting often like a stuck up businessman, and often dressing in expensive suits, riding in limos, and being escorted around by several bodyguards.

On TCW programing J-Double would refer to Maxamillion as 'he, him' or 'you know who'. Maxamillion also, had the vertebreaker banned from TCW by way of a cease and desist order. During this time, off screen, Maxamillion was made an official member of The Wrecking Crew. For several months, he would appear on screen in promos via satellite and the occasional live appearance. Blaze stated that he worked out and trained harder than ever before while rehabing, and for quite a long time was unsure of if he would ever be able to return to in-ring action. 

On-screen, it was almost certain that he would win sole ownership of the company, as he had hired "the best lawyers that money can buy". However, TCW was cut a break when a settlement was reached, a match for sole ownership of TCW. However, Blaze's lawyer made one fatal mistake, they had not specified the type of match, and after being medically cleared, Blaze, in his first match in over 10 months, took on Draven, Jon Montana, and Jon Oakley in a three on one handicap match, in a losing effort. 

Money in the bank and World Heavyweight Champion

Blaze, from here, would go on a lengthy losing streak. According to Maxamillion, backstage he had a lot of heat during the time, as neither he nor management would confirm to any of the talent that the angle was a work. During this time, TCW Alumni 'Velocity' won the Hellbound World Heavyweight Championship. After a lengthy losing streak, Blaze won the Hellbound money in the bank. For the next two-three months Blaze would remain in the backround, staying out of sight and reletively out of mind. At TCW Revelations, Maxamillion cashed in his money in the bank contract on Velocity directly after his hard fought match with Joey Gallagher, going on to win his first ever singles title. The surprise cash in and victory would turn him once more into a babyface in the eyes of many fans. He would go on to drop the title three weeks later on an episode of Hellbound.

Natural Born Hunters

After this, Blaze and Rickey decided to come together as a tag team once more under the new name "Natural Born Hunters". This of course, was a play on the nickname of Maxamillion's uncle, Don Murphy. The two would expand into a stable including backstage acquaintance Jon Oakley. While the group wouldn't find much success beyond Oakley's hardcore championship run, they did pick up a win here or there, this would be Maxamillion's final angle as a member of the Hellbound Roster

Draft and United States Champion

During the first ever TCW draft, Blaze was drafted 13th overall to Breakaway, along with fellow Wrecking Crew members Rickey Brown, Jaxon Jordan, and Justin Kredible. The Wrecking Crew faction would reform on-screen for the first time in over a year. 

Blaze would go on to be the first number one contender for the TCW United States Championship. On Breakaway's first pay per view of the new year, Blaze would win the championship. He would go on to hold the title for several months, losing it once to Anthony Cage, but regaining it immediately in his rematch. He would go on to hold the title for another two months before losing the title to Mason Bradford, and failing to recapture it in his following rematch

Relationship with Alice Blake

After losing the US Championship Blaze took a small 2 week break from TV before returning to be confronted by Alice Blake. Blake claimed that a prior sexual encounter with Maxamillion had resulted in a pregnancy, and was therefore demanding child support. Blaze, while initially accepting the child as his own, grew suspicious of Blake after catching her speaking in a flirtatious manner with several superstars over several weeks. 

Blaze began denying that the child was his and demanded a DNA test, which was refused by Blake for several weeks. This would go on until Hellbound GM J-Double would order Blake, a Bombshell on Hellbound, to give a DNA test. After waiting a week for the results, it was announced live on Hellbound that Blaze was not the father of the child.

Blake went on to state that a kayfabe relationship with Blaze backstage that had ended a number of months ago had left her heartbroken and seeking revenge. She admitted that the child was her nephew and that she had fabricated the whole tale. She stated that her revenge had succeeded due to Blaze losing his title and the subsequent losing streak he would go on afterwords. She used this gimmick to embrace a crazy girl gimmick.

World Heavyweight Champion

Blaze would go on to win a six man Hell in a Cell match, making him the number one contender for the Breakaway World Heavyweight Championship. Considered the underdog headed into Extreme Mayhem, he would go on to defeat Jordan Shadows for the title. This title victory made Maxamillion the 2nd ever TCW Grand Slam Champion. This also cemented The Wrecking Crew as the dominant power on Breakaway with Maxamillion as the WHC, Rickey Brown and Jaxon Jordan as Universal Tag Team Champions, and Justin Kredible as Extreme Television Champion. Maxamillion would go on to hold the title for several more weeks before dropping the title to Mason Bradford

Second TCW Draft/Global Heavyweight Champion

As TCW brought in a new show, Evolution, a draft was in order. Blaze was drafted late to Evolution. While initially, it took him a while to find his footing. He fought in and lost a match to then Dolla Dolla Bills champion for the title, before winning a fatal four way and being crowned number one conternder for the Global Heavyweight Championship.

During this time, Blaze retired the vertibreaker as his finishing move and began using a more submission oriented moveset, and began using the Kimura Lock. On an episode of Elite, Blaze defeated Al Bundles to claim the championship. Also, he became the first man in TCW history to have held all four world titles (Hellbound, Breakaway(which would become Elite during his reign) and Evolution.


Blaze made a surprise debut at Supernova, the first CWA RagePro exclusive pay per view, alongside best friend Rickey Brown. The duo were surprise challengers for the CWA Tag Team Championships. While the duo were unsuccessful, they returned to massively positive response.

The duo would go on to have several other matches, with mixed results. Blaze would go on to cut a promo on the CWA show "Krave", which received positive feedback.

In a shocking upset, Blaze and Rickey would go on once again as surprise challengers to International Legion, in what some called a miracle they managed to beat Legion and become the CWA tag team champions, ending the over a year long reign, though they would go on a few weeks later to drop the titles back to International Legion.

Trade to Emerge

Blaze would go on to reappear on the Emerge brand, immediately being thrust into a series of matches with World Champion, AJ Storm. After a string of losses, Maxamilion would go on to participate in a world title tournament to crown a new world champion after the departure of AJ Storm. Maxamillion would beat "Deluxe" Dave Henderson in the first round but go on to be eliminated by Luke Luger in the second round.

Maxamillion would go on to be named captain of Emerge by GM, Tone White, for the annual Sole Survivor pay per view. It was later announced that Blaze would have two matches, one on each day of the two day long pay per view. His first match, he was given the opportunity to captain a 3 man team against RagePro's "The Pack". In a shocking turn of events, Maxamillion introduced his partners to be fellow Wrecking Crew members, 'Jaxon Jordan' and 'Tyrant'. Calling themselves "Band of Brotherhood" this would mark the first official CWA run for both Tyrant and Jaxon Jordan. The trio would win their match, scoring a point for Team Emerge.

Blaze would then go on to compete in the annual captain vs captain match against RagePro captain, Marty Michaels. This match would go on to be a match of the night candidate. Maxamillion would go on to defeat Michaels, earning a second point for Team Emerge and leading a surging comeback for the brand. Though RagePro would go on to win the event, both matches of the weekend led to a comeback on both days. After his match with Michaels, Blaze recieved 14 stitches in his forehead, many speculated that this was due to a stiff shot, resulting from some animosity outside of the ring. The Monday after Sole Survivor, those claims would be squashed after a picture was leaked of Maxamillion and Michaels laughing together in the medical office and having a beer together while Blaze received stitches after their match.

The Tone White Brand

Blaze would go on to join forces with The Tone White Brand, acting alongside Breion Johnson, Cletus Walker, and Seth Brault. Blaze would go on to win a few matches here and there, before attacking Velocity, power bombing him off a production truck. This attack was in retaliation to accidentally hitting Breion's girlfriend, Destiny, in the face with a kick. Breion would go on to be pinned by Velocity, but the result would be overturned due to this attack This decision would lead to the suspension of Tone White, plunging Emerge into chaos. In the time of his absence, Tone went on to name Blaze the special enforcer of Emerge. During this time, Blaze would refuse to compete in matches. For several weeks Blaze would come out and address the current state of affairs in Emerge. After a particularly bad Emerge, with a lack of funding due to the board of directors, Blaze and Breion would(kayfabe) put up their own money to ensure that the show would be able to go on. Next Week, James Kelly would return to announce Tone's return as acting General Manager, and place Blaze in a vanguard rules match that he would go on to lose, against Luke Luger. At the end of the show, Blaze would go on, with Breion Johnson, to attack Seth Brault.


Blaze made his debut at LOP alongside Rickey Brown under the alias of "The Natural Born Hunters" and were immediately dominant upon the tag division. Within' a few short weeks, the duo would win the LOP Tag Team Championships, going on to defend them against the likes of the Union, The Jocks, and at War Games, The Wild Villains. Blaze would remain off LOP programing for a number of months before coming to an agreement and announcing a mutual parting of ways from the company

Code Of Honor

Honorbound Debut

Though it had long been disputed that Blaze would sign with COH, most simply asked when? Fans got their wish when Blaze made his surprising debut at Infamaous India, teaming with Daz Heat to take on Tiki Wild and Valac of Futureshock, in a winning effort. Blaze was immediately referred to as Honorbound's "next big thing". Blaze would go on to team with The Renegades against the entirety of Futureshock in another winning effort before being named number one contender to Will Steele's Openweight Championship.

Openweight Champion

Blaze would go on to beat Will Steele for the Honorbound Openweight Championship. After a moving promo, Daniel Lions would go on to set a new goal for Blaze. Now 4-0, Lions declared that if he were to continue, undefeated, until Texas Chamber Massacre, Blaze would earn the final spot in the Elimination Chamber for the Honorbound Heavyweight Championship. Blaze would put his streak on the line next, against Drake Dunn, also 4-0, and win handily. Then, would go on to beat Psycho G, cementing himself at 6-0 ===Heavyweight Champion and Tag team Champion


Business Ventures

Maxamillion has stated that his love of exercise and lifting were a big part of his life all the way from childhood. As such, he opened a chain of gyms in New York, Dallas, and Los Angeles. Named "The Pit" the gyms cater to dedicated lifters, martial arts practitioners, and double as wrestling schools. Maxamillion stated that opening these gyms is a massive achievment in his life, however he stated that his lack of a college education is definetely a hindrance to his business

"I never went to college, so I honestly know nothing about running a business. I have at least 4 business advisors around me at like all times. I'm learning from them and everything, but man is there so much more to it than I ever could have thought. Regardless, I'm still extremely proud of the gyms and all the time I put into making them a success."

Personal Life

Political Activism

Maxamillion is an outspoken activist for legalization of Marijuana, and has been very vocal about his displeasure in marijuana laws. Maxamillion is a member of NORML(National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) and often makes donations to the organization. This has not been met without controvercy, however Maxamillion has stated multiple times that he prefers to keep his personal opinions out of the spotlight in wrestling and business. Yet states that he doesn't mind being the one to take the bullet and representing marijuana users inside the wrestling business. He also stated that while rehabing from his neck injury, use of marijuana aided in his recovery.

Power Lifting

Although he has never competed in a tournament Maxamillion stated that while preparing to come back to the ring from his injury, he discovered a love for power lifting. He used power lifting to get into possibly the best shape that he has ever been in. Maxamillion is reportedly able to squat 750 pounds(340.194 kg) and deadlift 920 pounds(417.305 kg) for 2 reps. Maxamillion has stated that while power lifting is probably not the best thing for his back or knees, and those records are definitely pushing what his body can do, it has definitely helped him in the ring. Blaze states that he knows he should start lifting less heavy, he enjoys the challenge. 

Love for Music

Maxamillion is a known music lover. He has stated that the only genre of music of which he is not a fan is modern country. Maxamillion has been spotted multiple times at various concerts and even on stage with the likes of rapper Method Man and Kendrick Lamar. Pictures surfaced of Maxamillion on stage with Method Man and his posse during a concert, it was later revealed that they were smoking marijuana on stage. Maxamillion also was photographed in a mosh pit at a Lamb of God concert, not long after, he began using Lamb of God for his entrance music. 


After suffering his neck injury Maxamillion purchased a large tour bus.  

"As much as I didn't really want to do it, I needed it to keep my knees and my neck in as good of shape as they're going to be. Not to mention it's nice to not have to cram everything in a car and drive across country."

Blaze currently travels alone, he has stated that he likes the privacy but it does get a little lonely at times. 

Blaze has stated that he already considers his career a success, though he hopes to one day enter a Hall of Fame. 

Blaze's favorite food is sausage and pepperoni pizza. 

Blaze often trains budding wrestlers at his New York gym, he has stated that although the road schedule can be hectic, he always makes sure that he is back in New York by Saturday, in order to check with their progress and teach them something new.  

When asked about his idols and influences, Blaze listed Mike Tyson as being high on the list and compared his own situation of being a troubled youth to that of Tyson. 

Maxamillion also listed political figures such as Che Guevara and even figures like Pablo Escobar.

Blaze is friends with rapper, Nas, and often can be seen or spotted at concerts. In interviews, he has stated that before big matches he often listens to the "Illmatic" album, because "it just does a great job at making you just feel like the shit." 

Maxamillion is a huge sports fan, he has been seen supporting the Boston Celtics, Bruins, and Red Sox. He has also been seen at AT&T Stadium in support of the Dallas Cowboys, in which he is reportedly a season ticket holder.

Maxamillion is reportedly good friends with Singer/Songwriter Rome Ramirez and makes a point to visit and hang out with him whenever on the west coast.

Maxamillion's two favorite bands are Sublime and Rage Against the Machine.

Blaze has stated on several occasions that his first love was skateboarding. To this day Maxamillion still skates when he has the time, and often can be seen skating city streets and landmarks wherever he may be.

Blaze is a self-professed Muslim, though he does not belong to any certain sect or branch.