ACW - Alliance Championship Wrestling: With Bison Stone buying the company at the beginning of 2017 Mr Stone has taken the chance to bring ACW back from being in financial problems, Bison has been very open mind about used ACW and his time to 'give back' to a business which although he had sought to wreak havoc in it still provided him with his dream occupation and a means to encounter numerous people/ experiences he wouldn't have met/had otherwise. Stone created the Hybrid Undisputed Championship. While Stone has claimed more world titles then anyone would like to admit his quest to become the best has not changed since day one.Becoming the best Australia and the world and with now owning Alliance Championship Wrestling he has the drive and vision to build the best company in today's era. Although he still uses the The Bench Mark moniker he has since toned down the extremism of it showing more respect to competitors and companies as having his own goals gave him the reality check he needed.

he holds an open door policy and is open to signing the best talent PS4 has to offer.

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