Alexandra Worrall (born July 10 1998), better known by her ring name Alex Stryder Jr, is a British Professional Wrestler currently wrestling out of Robbie Scott's Gym where she performs on Fighting World Championships. She is the eldest daughter of Alex Stryder and Kimiko Sakurada.

Professional wrestling career

Prior to wrestling professionally Worrall had a variety of athletic backgrounds most notably Hockey and Volleyball. At the age of 16 she decided she wanted to begin training to be a pro wrestler. Worrall began training under her mother (Kimiko Sakurada) after her father (Alex Stryder) refused to start her training until she had finished school. After 4 months of training Worrall was introduced to Joquina Jungla by her mother who continued her training for a year and half up until she joined Robbie Scott's Gym in March.     

Fighting World Championships

Stryder would Debut on Fighting World Championships in a losing effort against VEE.  


Finishing moves

Signature moves


  • "The Jungle Queen"