Established 2006
Style Professional wrestling
Lucha Libre
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どうも (Domo wrestling) is an puroresu promotion. Founded in 2002 after 総出の closed. KINGDOM had a change of owner ship in 2006 after the previous owner (Tana Oishi) went bankrupt. In 2017 KINGDOM would be forever changed after owner Jackie Mai Sr sold the promotion to Fumi Nakamura making it into what it is today.

First Logo for KINGDOM 2006-2015


  • 2002 Stepping out of the bubble that was 総出の after Tana Oishi didn't like the company he loved going under, He took one third of the roster with him to make KINGDOM. Two years later Tana Closed KINGDOM due to bankruptcy.
  • 2006 KINGDOM Reopened by Human Panda with a new focus, to show off all styles of the sport of wrestling. Panda retired all the old belts that got carried over from 総出の"in with the NEW, out with the old" and that night Kingdom had it's first King.
  • 2010 The Triad invasion Began , After Human Panda lost his Title to Haru at GATEppv. Panda's son got in the ring and called out Haru, He just laughted at the 18 year old but before he could give him his reply Jackie hit him with a flying Knee "BnW". Haru's prodigy Juro who was at ringside came to his side and helped him up. looked at jackie and grinned, Hitting Haru with a pull back Lariat. after that Panda got and grab a mic and announce that this is The Rebirth of the Panda Traid.
  • 2011 Panda started an Joshi promotion (II ZO) and gave it to his eldest daughter Meilin Mai, who is married to Richard Myszkowski. they have one son Gin Mai.
  • 2012 birth of TRUE PURO. Chris Ventus had a falling out with management decided to make his own promotion "TRUE PURO" and taking half of the roster with him,but Panda was fine with that, there was a new wave of fresh talent

    Kingdom logo 2015-2017

    coming out of the woodwork from all over like Robbert Scottson Gym, Galaxy, and Panda & Tyga's "Jungle Dojo".
  • 2013-2014 The Return of the PRIDE. During a Talent trade True Puro Wrestler Isao Saeki had set to debut against Leo Higa but before the bell was rung Human Panda and his Traid jumped the two and beat Isao so bad he lost an Eye. After this the Management could sit back no longer and called an old Friend of Pandas to put a stop to this madness. Kid Tyga II Debut at the next ppv, saving Leo Higa & Skunk from the numbers advantage of the Traid and then forming the TYGA's PRIDE stable.
  • On Aug 21 2017, Jackie Mai Sr announced his retirement and will be touting his stock of the KINGDOM. and that Fumi Nakamura will be taking over as the new Owner. The next day Nakamura held a press conference stating that he was going to retire the Championships and "throw a new coat of paint" on KINGDOM. one week later he bought  Galaxy Pro from Ken Bailey, combining the two to make どうも and どうも USA.

    DOMO USA logo 2017-


Heavyweight wrestlers

Ring name

Real name Unit
KING KONG Chris Grant Monsters Of Mayhem
Elijah Endo Elijah Endo
Antonio Rios أنطونيوAntonio Rios Monsters Of Mayhem
"Lost one" Paul Smith Paul Smith Gaijin Force
Sheik DEEPAK दीपक Deepak Bala Royals
"The Dread Wolf" Kuwahara 陽 Haru Kuwahara The Pack
EMPEROR REN 恋 Ren Shimamoto Royals
Rey Sefo Regis Sefo
Apollo 虎出Coda Ogai
Tenzo Abe 哲三Tetsuzo Abe
Tana Oishi タナTana Oishi
Shuji Irie 修司 Shuji Irie
Toru the Sumo 都丸Toru Ueno
Sol Crowley Sol Crowley
Yamato Takahashi 大和 Yamato Takahashi
Jurou Suto 十郎 Jurou Suto NXriad
"Crazy Monkey" Eloni Eloni Paoa Monsters of Mayhem
Great Slappy ? the carnies
Guy Pogo ? the carnies
Matías Núñez Matías Núñez Ichi Dragons
Ebisu Momochi Ebisu Momochi Ichi Dragons
Supa Fly Jr ?
Nazari हर्शल Harshal Nazari Royals

Junior heavyweight wrestlers

Ring name Real name Unit
Ickis Dickis Ichabod Dickson FLASH CORPS
Jackie Jr 耶希 Jackie Mai Jr NXriad
Mr Shine Alan Elric
Derek Hong Derek Hong Gaijin force
Ricco Martinez ? The Pack
Wolf Paco Yazzie The Pack
Captain Higa 令雄 Leo Higa
James Bailey ג'יימס James Myszkowski
Skunk 功 ISAO Saeki FLASH Corps
Dragoon ?
Dark Lion ?
TOSHI<3 俊博 Toshiko Maki FLASH Corps
Kenny Pegasus Kenny kelly
Takeru Takahasi 武Takeru Takahasi
Reno Moto Reno Moto TYGA PRIDE
鉄 Tetsuya Mai
隼人 隼人Hayato Mai
KID TYGA III 文人Fumito Tomo
Garry Jumbles ? the carnies
leon ?
Fantasma ?
Nekros ?
Cayde Mystery ?
Sinbad Marty Ali


Ring name Real name Unit
明 AKIRA ??
Amazon Amy Amy Diaz
Dawn Abbott Dawn Abbott
Meher Prasad Meher Prasad-Myszkowski
Sera Lee Sera Lee
Yuu Knight Yuu Asakura
Yuki Aoki Yuki Aoki
ROMERO Wendy Romero
Rai Ono Rai Ono
Morie Ueno Morie Ueno
Kaori Harada Kaori Harada
Isamu ?
Hanako Hanako Wada
Thunderbolt Alice ?

Other personnel


Owner 中村史Fumi Nakamura
Announcer トニーToni Toriyama
AnnouncerUSA Norm Harris
Commentator 森啓Kei Mori
Commentator マクンMakun Kouhei
CommentatorUSA Kerry Washington
Referee ダンDan Fugal
RefereeUSA Timmy toothless
InterviewerUSA バッドBaddo Hatano
Interviewer シッチShicchi Sakamoto


Owner 梅林Meilin Mai
Announcer ひとみ Hitomi Ozawa
Commentator ゆい Yui Sena
Referee メイ Mei Haruka
Interviewer Shiori


*Championships lined are retired*


Championship Current champion(s) Date won Location
どうも アイドル Vacant
パートナーのタイトル Vacant
K̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶O̶f̶ ̶K̶I̶N̶G̶D̶O̶M̶ KING KONG 2/13/17 T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas, Nevada
K̶n̶i̶g̶h̶t̶s̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶K̶I̶N̶G̶D̶O̶M̶ Royals


6/24/17 Tokyo Dome Stadium Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan
KROSE YOKO 10/29/16 Ojiyama Stadium Otsu,Japan


Championship Current champion(s)
どうもUSA Champion Vacant


Championship Current champion(s) Date won
東京の女王(Queen of Tokyo) AKIRA 7/23/17



Tournament Last winner(s) Last held Type Created Notes Reward(s)
Excalibur tournament NAHMO 6/23/17-6/30/17 Openweight 2006 Annual single-elimination tournament ¥ 1,000,000 and contendership for the King Of KINGDOM
ROSECup YOKO 10/29/16 Openweight 2014 Annual single-elimination tournament. ¥ 500,000 and contendership for the KROSE Title.
K̶I̶N̶G̶D̶O̶M̶ ̶x̶ ̶T̶R̶U̶E̶ ̶P̶U̶R̶O̶ Rey Sefo 8/3/17 Openweight 2017 single-elimination tournament.